Volume 22 Issue 6
Nov.  2001
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YOU Yong-Long, LIN Dan-Jun, CHEN Lian-Yun. Spermatogenesis of Teleosts,Pseudosciaena crocea. Zoological Research, 2001, 22(6): 461-466.
Citation: YOU Yong-Long, LIN Dan-Jun, CHEN Lian-Yun. Spermatogenesis of Teleosts,Pseudosciaena crocea. Zoological Research, 2001, 22(6): 461-466.

Spermatogenesis of Teleosts,Pseudosciaena crocea

  • Received Date: 1900-01-01
  • Rev Recd Date: 1900-01-01
  • Publish Date: 2001-12-22
  • The spermatogenesis of the teleost,Pseudosciaena crocea (Richardson) was studied.There were five developmental stages in the spermatogenesis.They were primary spermatogonium,secondary spermatogonium,primary spermatocyte,secondary spermatocyte and spermatid.The spermatid differentiated into sperm via the process of spermiogenesis.During the stages of primary and secondary spermatogonia,components of the nucleolus were excluded from the nuclei.They were called chromatoid bodies.There were many chromatoid bodies in the cytoplasm.The chromatoid bodies first located in hollows on surface of the nucleus.Then they dispersed into the cytoplasm.It was suggested that the components of the chromatoid body were ribosomes.So many ribosomes produced by the primary and secondary spermatogonia may be used in the spermatogenesis.During the period of zygotene,prophaseⅠ,paired homologous chromosomes started to form synaptonemal complexes.The synaptonemal complexes were fully formed at pachytene and dissolved afterward.It was suggested that the synaptonemal complex was the symbol of genetic recombination between two homologous chromosomes.During the process of spermiogenesis,flagellum was formed first.Then the nucleus of the spermatid condensed step by step.
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