Volume 20 Issue 3
May  1999
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FEI Liang, YE Chang-yuan, JIANG Jian-ping, CHEN Su-wen. Description of A New Scutiger From mt.Gongga in Sichuan Province of China. Zoological Research, 1999, 20(3): 172-177.
Citation: FEI Liang, YE Chang-yuan, JIANG Jian-ping, CHEN Su-wen. Description of A New Scutiger From mt.Gongga in Sichuan Province of China. Zoological Research, 1999, 20(3): 172-177.

Description of A New Scutiger From mt.Gongga in Sichuan Province of China

  • Received Date: 1900-01-01
  • Rev Recd Date: 1900-01-01
  • Publish Date: 1999-06-22
  • In 1980 and 1984,two surveys of Amphi bia were carried out at Mt.Gongga,western part of Sichuan Province.One species of Scutiger (Aelurophryne) was collected from Tanggu,Jiulong County,at the western side of Mt.Gongga.Morphological characters of this species were compared with 4 related species (muliensis,tuberculatus,glandulatus and mammatus).Muscular proteins of 4 species (tuberculatus,glandulatus,mammatus,and sp.Jinlong) are analysed by isoelectric focusing in thin layer of polyacrylamide gel.The result indicates that the species in Jiulong differs from other related species of Scutiger (Aelurophryne) in morphological characteres and electrophoretic evidence.Therefore,the species in Jiulong is considered to be a new species,I.e.Scutiger (Aelurophryne) jiulongensis Fei,Ye and Jiang,sp.nov. The type specimens are preserved in Chengdu Institute of Biology. Scutiger (Aelurophryne)jiulongensis Fei,Ye and Jiang,sp.nov. Holotype:No.CIB80I0387,adult male,SVL 71.6 mm;type locality:Tanggu (101°32′E,29°10′N),Jiulong County,Sichuan Province,altitude 3 210 m:collected on June 1,1980 by HUANG Yong-zhao and WANG Chao-fang. Paratypes:38♂♂(Nos.CIB80I0370-80I0386,80I0388,80I0396-80I0406,841353-841361),eggs (Nos.CIB80I0389,841351,841352) and tadpoles (No.CIB80I0390) of different stages from the same locality as the holotype;altitute 3 210-3 750 m;collected on June 1-2,1980,by HUANG Yong-zhao,and June 6-7,1984,by FEI Liang and YE Chang-yuan. Diagnosis:This new species is closely related to Scutiger (Aelurophryne) tuberculatus Liu and Fei,but differs from the latter in:1) warts on dorsum larger,low;2) chest glands of male separated from each other and spines on the glands large,having 32-102(63.2±19.20,n=72) spines in 10 mm2;3) axillary glands small and the spines on the glands smaller than that on chest glands;4) of tadpoles,body large and firmfleshed;posterior 1/2 of tail wider than anterior 1/2;tail length less than 11/2(143.7%) times snout-vent length.Whereas in tuberculatus:warts on dorsum are large,elevated,rounded or oblong;space between chest glands is narrow or in contact with eath other and spines on the glands very fine and crowed,having 270-640 (421.2±97.93,n=53) spines in 10 mm2;axillary glands are large and spines on the glands are the same in size with that on chest glangs;of tadpoles,body is slender;the posterior 1/2 narrower than anterior 1/2;tail length more than 11/2times (156.3%) snout-vent length.
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