Volume 17 Issue 4
Jul.  1996
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YANG Da-tong, LIU Wan-zhao, RAO Ding-qi. A New Toad Genus of Bufonidae--Torrentophryne From Transhimalaya Mountain of Yunnan of China With Its Biology. Zoological Research, 1996, 17(4): 353-359.
Citation: YANG Da-tong, LIU Wan-zhao, RAO Ding-qi. A New Toad Genus of Bufonidae--Torrentophryne From Transhimalaya Mountain of Yunnan of China With Its Biology. Zoological Research, 1996, 17(4): 353-359.

A New Toad Genus of Bufonidae--Torrentophryne From Transhimalaya Mountain of Yunnan of China With Its Biology

  • Received Date: 1900-01-01
  • Rev Recd Date: 1900-01-01
  • Publish Date: 1996-11-22
  • In 1973,we collected some adults of Bufonidae in forest stream of Pianma,Lushui in western Yunnan as Bufo burmanus (Yang Datong et al.,1978).And then the same kinds of adults,eggs and tadpoles were collected in Yangbi,Baoshan,Tengchong (Jiang determined in error those tadpoles as Staurois viridimaculatus,1983) in Yunnan Province,China.These tadpoles have a large abdominal sucker which is similar to those of Amolops,but denticle formulaⅡ/Ⅲ,without lateral and ventral glands,which obviously confirmed that those tadpoles belong to Bufonidae (Datong Yang,1991).Among them,the tadpoles from Taiping,Yangbi have clumpy labial papillae on corner of mouth;top of tubercle without spine on belly and back of body and limbs in adult;tadpoles from Pumanshao of Baoshan County with single row labial papilla on the corner of mouth,and with 2 or 3 additional papilla inside,and top of tubercle with spine on bell and back of body and limbs.They should be separated into two different species.We will make extensive and thorough studies in the behavior of breeding,ecology,early development,morphology,chromosome (karyotype and banding) and isoenzyme on this two species,to inquire into the taxonomic positions of them the relationship between the new group and some other species of Bufo that are from the same areas.
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