Volume 28 Issue 4
Jul.  2007
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ZHANG Peng*, WATANABE Kunio. On the Husbandry and Welfare of Captive Non-human Primates. Zoological Research, 2007, 28(4): 448-456.
Citation: ZHANG Peng*, WATANABE Kunio. On the Husbandry and Welfare of Captive Non-human Primates. Zoological Research, 2007, 28(4): 448-456.

On the Husbandry and Welfare of Captive Non-human Primates

  • Received Date: 2007-01-05
  • Rev Recd Date: 1900-01-01
  • Publish Date: 2007-08-22
  • All animals including non-human primates require good husbandry and welfare conditions. The purpose of this paper is to encourage discussion and active review of the husbandry of captive non-human primates and to assist with the management of changes to benefit their welfare. We introduce the welfare concept of “Five Freedoms”, which are 1) freedom from thirst, hunger or malnutrition; 2) freedom from discomfort; 3) freedom from pain, injury and disease; 4) freedom to express normal behaviour; 5) freedom from fear and distress. The “Five Freedoms” concept promotes not only physical well-being of primates, but also psychological well-being. The practical strategies to improve husbandry of vertebrate animals include: concern about their physical environment, nutrition supplement, colony management, breeding activity of captive non-human primates and environment enrichment. People in charge of research and management with primates should always strive towards the betterment of captive animals' welfare by improving their captive environment on the basis of performance standards. These reviews may provide material concerning the husbandry and welfare of captive primates.
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