Volume 13 Issue 3
May  1992
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YU Xiao-chen, XIAO Qian-zhu, ZHANG Ming-hai. Winter Food-Habits of Moose in Heihe. Zoological Research, 1992, 13(3): 263-270.
Citation: YU Xiao-chen, XIAO Qian-zhu, ZHANG Ming-hai. Winter Food-Habits of Moose in Heihe. Zoological Research, 1992, 13(3): 263-270.

Winter Food-Habits of Moose in Heihe

  • Received Date: 1900-01-01
  • Rev Recd Date: 1900-01-01
  • Publish Date: 1992-08-22
  • Winter diet composition,selectivity and percentage of utilization of moose (Alces alces) was studied with the microhistological analysis technique of feces in combination with field browse surveys from 1987-1988 in Heihe.Results showed that 31 species (genera) of plants were used in winter;Salix spp.,Corylus spp.,Betula spp.,Pinus koraiensis,Populus davidiana and Tilia amurensis were staples.The percentages of these items in diet were 19.9%,18.0%,16.7%,14.9%,7.3% and 6.7% respectively.Moose had positive selectivities for Populus davidiana,Salix spp.,Pinus koraiensis and Tilia amurensis,and negative selectivities for Corylus spp.,Betula spp.And Alnus sibirica.They were arranged in order of preference as follows:Populus davidiana>Salix spp.>Pinus koraiensis>Tilia amurensis>Corylus spp.>Betula spp.>Alnus sibirica.The percentage of utilization for Salix spp.was the highest (32.1%) and for Betula spp.Was the lowest (12.1%).
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