Volume 5 Issue 4
Jul.  1984
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LU Zhan-jun, WANG Huei-fen. Identification of Categories of Canine Lymphocytes Forming Spontaneous Rosettes with Guinea pig Erythrocytes. Zoological Research, 1984, 5(4): 353-358.
Citation: LU Zhan-jun, WANG Huei-fen. Identification of Categories of Canine Lymphocytes Forming Spontaneous Rosettes with Guinea pig Erythrocytes. Zoological Research, 1984, 5(4): 353-358.

Identification of Categories of Canine Lymphocytes Forming Spontaneous Rosettes with Guinea pig Erythrocytes

  • Received Date: 1900-01-01
  • Rev Recd Date: 1900-01-01
  • Publish Date: 1984-11-22
  • Categories of canine lymphocytes forming rosettes with guinea pig erythrocytes (E-RFC) were studied.The incubation of canine lymphocytes at 37℃ increased E-rosette formation.The percentages of Sig positive cells in E-RFC were similar to those in total lymphocytes.In mixed E-EAC (guinea pig erythrocytes-sheep erythrocytes coated with antibody and complement) rosette assays,a portion of canine lymphocytes having both E and complement receptors has been detected.No significant difference was found in the mean percentages of E-RFC between total lymphocytes and EAC-rosetting ones.On the basis of these results we assume that the E receptors are present on a part of T cells and also on some B cells.Thus,the E-rosette assay cannot be used for detection of canine T cells.
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