Volume 34 Issue 3
May  2013
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Wei-Yao KONG, Zhen-He ZHENG, Jin-Cai WU, Yu NING, Yong WANG, Xiao-Dong HAN. Foraging habitat selection of Siberian Crane (Grus leucogeranus) during autumn migration period in the Momoge Nature Reserve. Zoological Research, 2013, 34(3): 166-173. doi: 10.11813/j.issn.0254-5853.2013.3.0166
Citation: Wei-Yao KONG, Zhen-He ZHENG, Jin-Cai WU, Yu NING, Yong WANG, Xiao-Dong HAN. Foraging habitat selection of Siberian Crane (Grus leucogeranus) during autumn migration period in the Momoge Nature Reserve. Zoological Research, 2013, 34(3): 166-173. doi: 10.11813/j.issn.0254-5853.2013.3.0166

Foraging habitat selection of Siberian Crane (Grus leucogeranus) during autumn migration period in the Momoge Nature Reserve

doi: 10.11813/j.issn.0254-5853.2013.3.0166
  • Received Date: 2012-11-21
  • Rev Recd Date: 2013-02-04
  • Publish Date: 2013-06-08
  • In autumn of 2008 and 2009, we studied the foraging habitat selection of Siberian Crane (Grus leucogeranus) in the Momoge Nature Reserve of Jilin province. Using the resource selection index, resource selection functions, and the chi-squared test, we found that the Siberian Crane exhibited selectivity in their preferred foraging environments in relation to the distance to human disturbances, vegetation density, coverage and height, foraging vegetation density and water level. Interestingly, this selectivity in regards to large scale disturbances was lower than other factors. The characteristics of favorite foraging habits of Siberian Cranes include a variety of factors: a distance >5 000 m from a national highway, >1 500 m from a non-gravel road, >1 000 m from the nearest road, >1 000 m from a residential area, >1 000 m from farmland; plant density between 20 and 50 grass/m2; plant coverage lower than 10%; plant height lower than 20 cm; Scirpus planiclmis density between 1 and 50 grass/m2; Scirpus triqueter density between 1 and 10 grass/m2; and the water level between 40 and 60 cm. The resource selection functions of Siberian Crane foraging habitat in autumn can be described thusly: Logistic (P) = 0.663 + 0.565×distance to national highway + 0.042×distance to non-gravel road + 0.519×distance to the nearest road + 0.353×distance to residential area + 0.169×distance to farmland - 0.455×vegetation density - 0.618×vegetation coverage - 0.548×vegetation height - 0.158×Scirpus planiclmis density - 0.404×Scirpus triqueter density + 0.920×water level,T (x) =eLogistic(p) / [1 + eLogistic(p)], with an overall prediction accuracy of 82.9%.
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