Volume 21 Issue 2
Mar.  2000
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ZHENG Zhe-min, JIANG Guo-fan. Four New Species of Tetrigidae From Guangxi. Zoological Research, 2000, 21(2): 144-148.
Citation: ZHENG Zhe-min, JIANG Guo-fan. Four New Species of Tetrigidae From Guangxi. Zoological Research, 2000, 21(2): 144-148.

Four New Species of Tetrigidae From Guangxi

  • Received Date: 1900-01-01
  • Rev Recd Date: 1900-01-01
  • Publish Date: 2000-04-22
  • In the present paper,four new species of Tetrigidae from Guangxi are described.Type specimens are deposited in the Institute of Zoology,Shaanxi Normal University. Tetrix longzhouensis sp.nov.(Figs.1-2) This new species is allied to Tetrex grossifemura Zheng et Jiang 1998,but differs in:1) in profile,upper margin slightly protruding before the shoulder,then nearly straight backward;2) hind process of pronotum not reaching the top of hind femur;3) hind wing only reaching two-thirds of hind femur;4) hind tibia black,with two white rings in middle part. Length of body:♂10 mm,♀11-12 mm. Length of pronotum:♂8 mm,♀9-10 mm. Width of shoulders:♂3 mm,♀4 mm. Length of hind femur:♂ 6 mm,♀6-7 mm. Holotype:♀,Guangxi:Longzhou (Longgang),106°8′E,22°3′N,11-Ⅹ-1998,collected by Jiang Guo-fan;paratypes 1♂,2♀♀,Longzhou (Longhu),106°7′E,22°5′N,9-Ⅹ-1998,collected by Jiang Guo-fan. Formosatettixoides guangxiensis sp.nov.(Figs.3-4) This new species is related to Formosatettixoides hunanensis Zheng et Fu 1992,but differs in;1) width of vertex as wide as an eye;2) hind process of pronotum reaching two-thirds of hind femur;3) elytra absent,hind wing distinct;4) hind femur short and stout,its length two times its width;with fine teeth on the upper and lower keels of hind femur;5) ovipositor stout and short;6) hind tibia brown,with two black bands in the middle and top. Length of body:♀14-15 mm;length of pronotum;♀5.5-6 mm;length of hind femur:♀6-6.5 mm. Holotype ♀,paratype♀,Guangxi:Longzhou (Longhu),300-400 m,106°7′E,22°5′N,9-Ⅹ-1998,collected by Jiang Guo-fan. Euparatettix nigritibis sp.nov.(Figs.5-6) This new species is allied to Euparatettix variabilis (Bolivar 1887),but differs by the hind tibia black,hind wing black,with a series white spots near the anterior margin. Length of body:♂6-6.5 mm;length of pronotum;♂8-9 mm;length of hind femur:♂4-5 mm. Holotype♂,paratypes 3♂♂,Guangxi:Longzhou (Longhu),300-400 m,106°7′E,22°5′N,9-Ⅹ-1998,collected by Jiang Guo-fan. Euparatettixoides longipennis sp.nov.(Figs.7-8) This new species is related to Euparatettixoides guangxiensis Zheng 1994,but differs in;1) width of vertex slightly narrower than an eye;2) pronotum tectiform,median keel high,lobe like;3) without a pair of short longitudinal keels;4) hind wing reaching beyond the hind process of pronotum;5) anterior half of pronotum dark brown,posterior half light brown,with a black broad band behind the shoulder. Length of body:♂6-7 mm;length of pronotum:♂5-6 mm;length of hind femur:♂4-4.3 mm. Holotype ♂,paratype ♂,Guangxi:Jinxiu,1 200-1 300 m,110°2′E,24°75′N,28-Ⅷ-1998,collected by Jiang Guo-fan.
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