Volume 27 Issue 3
May  2006
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YANG Hong, WANG Jin-jun , *, ZHAO Zhi-mo, YANG De-min, ZHANG Hong. Effects of Multiple Mating on Quantitative Depletion of Spermatozoa, Fecundity and Hatchability in Monochamus alternatus. Zoological Research, 2006, 27(3): 286-290.
Citation: YANG Hong, WANG Jin-jun , *, ZHAO Zhi-mo, YANG De-min, ZHANG Hong. Effects of Multiple Mating on Quantitative Depletion of Spermatozoa, Fecundity and Hatchability in Monochamus alternatus. Zoological Research, 2006, 27(3): 286-290.

Effects of Multiple Mating on Quantitative Depletion of Spermatozoa, Fecundity and Hatchability in Monochamus alternatus

  • Received Date: 2005-11-24
  • Rev Recd Date: 1900-01-01
  • Publish Date: 2006-06-22
  • The effects of multiple mating on quantitative depletion of spermatozoa, fecundity and hatchability in Monochamus alternatus Hope were investigated by dissecting spermatheca and observing the biological characteristics in the laboratory. The reproductive systems of the female, spermatozoon morphology and dynamic distribution of spermatozoa in female reproductive system were also described in this paper. The results showed that about 120 thousand spermatozoa were always retained in the spermatotheca of multiple mating females, but the amount of spermatozoa declined according to the time extension after copulation in the spermatotheca of single mating females, and the amount of spermatozoa declined to 50 thousand after 16 d. The fecundity (167.087 0) and hatchability (94.38%) of multiple mating females were significantly higher than the fecundity (113.521 7) and hatchability (83.79%) of single mating females. However, the period of reproduction and longevity were not significantly different between multiple and single mating females.
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