Volume 5 Issue 4
Jul.  1984
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ZHANG Xiao-ai. Measurements of Growth,Development and Dialy Energy Intake of the Upland Buzzard Nestlings. Zoological Research, 1984, 5(4): 369-367.
Citation: ZHANG Xiao-ai. Measurements of Growth,Development and Dialy Energy Intake of the Upland Buzzard Nestlings. Zoological Research, 1984, 5(4): 369-367.

Measurements of Growth,Development and Dialy Energy Intake of the Upland Buzzard Nestlings

  • Received Date: 1900-01-01
  • Rev Recd Date: 1900-01-01
  • Publish Date: 1984-11-22
  • During June-August,1980,the author examined the growth,development and energy intake of Upland Buzzard nestling (Buteo hemilasius) which were handreared,collected from Haibei alpine meadoe.Results obtained may be summarizad as follows:Nestling period is about 50 days.Feather begins to grow at the 7th day of age,completed by the 50th day.Nestlings open their eyes and chirp soon after hatching.At the 23rd day,they can grasp food with talon and stand up.They tear up food effectively and even fight during the 7th week.Growth curves were fitted with "logistic" equation.Growth rate is 0.156;t10-90 is 28.2 days.The mean caloric intake are 0.386±0.166 Kcal/g.wt/day.The relationship between the daily energy intake and growth of body weight is an exponential fuction.This relationship may be expressed by the following equation:DEI=18.239W-0.578.
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