Volume 25 Issue 3
May  2004
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GAO Jian-jun, WATABE Hide-aki, ZHANG Ya-ping, AOTSUKA Tadashi. Karyotype Differentiation in Newly Discovered Members of the Drosophila obscura Species Group from Yunnan,China. Zoological Research, 2004, 25(3): 236-241.
Citation: GAO Jian-jun, WATABE Hide-aki, ZHANG Ya-ping, AOTSUKA Tadashi. Karyotype Differentiation in Newly Discovered Members of the Drosophila obscura Species Group from Yunnan,China. Zoological Research, 2004, 25(3): 236-241.

Karyotype Differentiation in Newly Discovered Members of the Drosophila obscura Species Group from Yunnan,China

  • Received Date: 1900-01-01
  • Rev Recd Date: 1900-01-01
  • Publish Date: 2004-06-22
  • We examined mitotic chromosomes of three newly found members of the Drosophila obscura species group,D.luguensis,D.dianensis and D.limingi from Yunnan and compared their karyotypes to those of respective related species.D.luguensis possessed a diploid number of 12 chromosomes,comprising 3 pairs of metacentrics (V-shaped),2 pairs of acrocentrics (rod-like) and 1 pair of micro-chromosomes (dot-like).Both the X and Y were metacentrics.D.dianensis and D.limingi possessed a diploid number of 10 chromosomes,comprising 1 pair of large V-shaped,1 pair of moderate-sized V-shaped,2 pairs of submetacentric (J-shaped) chromosomes,and 1 pairs of dot-like chromosomes,with their X chromosomes were J-shaped and Y chromosomes were short rod-like ones.Based upon the results of chromosomal comparisons,geographic information of the sinobscura subgroup,as well inter-specific phylogenetic relationship deduced elsewhere,D.luguensis was considered to retain an ancestral form of the karyotype within this subgroup.The present observations have also implied that D.sinobscura (2n=12:2V,1J,2R,1D) might have derived from a sub-lineage of a pre-"sinobscurahubeiensis" lineage by pericentric inversion of moderate-sized metacentric autosomes and D.hubeiensis (2n=10:4V,1D) from another sub-lineage of the same lineage by centric fusion of 2 pairs of acrocentric autosomes.Similar chromosomal changes of centric fusion,centric fission and/or pericentric inversion might have occurred during the course of species divergences between D.dianensis and D.subsilvestris (2n=12:3V,2R,1D),an European member closely related to D.dianensis,and between D.limingi and D.tsukubaensis (2n=12:3V,2R,1D),an East Asian member near to D.limingi.
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