Obituary: Professor Colin Groves (1942-2017)

It is with deep regret and sorrow that Zoological Research (ZR) notes the passing of Professor Colin Peter Groves, 75, on November 30, 2017. Professor Groves was a Professor of Biological Anthropology at the Australian National University in Canberra, Australia. He was a passionate researcher with wide interests, including human evolution, primates, mammalian taxonomy, skeletal analysis, biological anthropology, ethnobiology, and biogeography.

As a very productive scientist, he conducted extensive fieldwork in China, Democratic Republic of Congo, India, Indonesia, Iran, Kenya, Rwanda, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, and many other countries. As one of the world’s leading anthropologists and taxonomists, he described and recognized more than 50 mammal species during his career and had a profound impact on many scientific fields. Furthermore, as a prominent scientist, Professor Groves generously promoted the development of ZR. He joined the editorial board in 2014 and fulfilled his duties faithfully and diligently. Despite his poor health, he continued to contribute to our journal, providing an excellent review article in ZR’s Issue 3, 2016, entitled “Systematics of the Artiodactyla of China in the 21st century” (pp.115–129), which introduced the concept of evolutionary species and discussed its effects on the taxonomy of Artiodactyla in China. Professor Groves was a respected member of our editorial board, and all members and editors of ZR greatly cherish his contributions and generosity. His passing is a great loss not only for our journal, but the entire scientific community.