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Cladistic Biogeography of Four Grasshopper Genera (Catantopidae:Orthoptera) from the South of China

XU Sheng-quan1,2;ZHENG Zhe-min2;LI Hou-hun1   

  1. 1.Life Science College,Nankai University,Tianjin 300071,China 2.Institute of Zoology,Shaanxi Normal University,Xi'an 710062,China
  • Received:1900-01-01 Revised:1900-01-01 Online:2003-04-22 Published:2003-04-22

Abstract: Based on the phylogenetic relation and distribution of four grasshopper genera of Catantopidae,Oxya Serville,Caryanda St?l,Sinopodisma Chang and Traulia St?l,ten areas of endemism have been recognized.Using cladistic biogeographical software COMPONENT 2.0 and under assumptions 0 and 1,data processing resulted in following geographical history course of these areas,the vicariance was in time sequence from South Yunnan,to Loess Plateau,to Hainan Island,to East mountains.Although Taiwan Island is vicarianced from mainland of China in the Middle Pleistocene,it had been connected with the mainland for some times in the Quaternary Period,effected by the ice age and it has an unique zoogeographical position.Yungui Plateau,North Yunnan and QinlingBashan Mountains were formed in the same time.The newly areas of endemism were South China and Jiangnan hills.

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  • Q969.26
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