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Two New Species of Gryllacridinae from China (Orthoptera:Stenopelmatidae)

LIU Xian-wei;YIN Hai-sheng   

  1. Shanghai Institute of Plant Physiology and Ecology,the Chinese Academy of Sciences,Shanghai 200025,China
  • Received:1900-01-01 Revised:1900-01-01 Online:2002-10-22 Published:2002-10-22

Abstract: Two new species Eremus parvospinus sp.nov.and Apotrechus nigrigeniculatus sp.nov.are described in this paper and collected from Guangxi and Sichuan of China respectively.All the type specimens are deposited in Insects Collecting Museum of Shanghai Institute of Plant Physiology and Ecology,the Chinese Academy of Sciences. 1 Eremus parvospinus sp.nov.(Figs.1-4) ♀ Length.Body 20.0 mm,pronotum 4.0 mm,hind femora 9.5 mm,and ovipositor 5.0 mm.This new species very similar to Eremus rugosifrons Brunner-Wattenwyl,1888,with all characteristics of this distinct genus:both sexes apterous,face (front) with wrinkles,mid tibiae armed with a apical spur above and hind tibiae armed with spines.The new species is distinguished from E.rugosifrons by the smaller size and head with distinctly sunken face,hind tibiae with 3 external spines and 2 internal spines. ♂ unknown. Holotype ♀,Xinan (Maoershan Mt.),Guangxi,China, 1 000 m,22 to 23-Ⅷ-1992,coll.LIU Xian-wei and YIN Hai-sheng. 2 Apotrechus nigrigeniculatus sp.nov.(Figs.5-7) ♂ Length.Body 15.0-16.5 mm,pronotum 3.5 mm,hind femora 9.0-10.0 mm.This new species very similar to males of A.ambulaus (Erichson,1842) and with all characteristics of this distinct genus:both sexes apterous,hind tibiae unarmed above and male subgenital plate without styli.The new species is distinguished from it by the smaller size,fore and mid legs with blackish knee,paired lobes of male 10th abdominal tergite directed downwards,with acute apex.Male subgenital plate transverse,distal part deeply excised,the lobes with two rounded lobes at apex. ♀ unknown. Holotype ♂,Sichuan (Emei Mt.),China,1 840 m,16-Ⅷ-1985,coll.JIN Gen-tao;paratype,1♂,same data as in holotype.

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