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Ciliature Cytoskeleton and Microtubulin of Resting Cyst and Vegetative Cell in Euplotes encysticus

TIAN Qin;Zhang Li;SUI Shu-guang;Ni Bing;GU Fu-kang   

  1. Department of Biology,East China Normal University,Shanghai 200062,China
  • Received:1900-01-01 Revised:1900-01-01 Online:2002-10-22 Published:2002-10-22

Abstract: By using optical and transmission electron microscopy,the orientation pattern of ciliature cytoskeleton during resting period in Euplotes encysticus was demonstrated,and the location of α- and β-tubulin in cells under two different physiological states was compared by immunofluorescence.In the resting cyst,nearly all of ciliary shafts were degenerated;kinetosomes of adoral zone of membranelles and ventral cirri were contracted into cytoplasm;part of kinetosomes of frontoventral cirri were disintegrated and disappeared;microtubule layers were preserved beneath the pellicle.It was showed by immunofluorescence that the kinetosomes of dorsal cilia were fully preserved according to the original pattern;after encystment,a slight portion of microtubulin scattered in cytoplasm.On the basis of these experimental results,three destinies of the microtubulin in Euplotes encysticus have been proposed:1)be located and gradually digested within autophagic vacuole,2)be located in cortex and cytoplasm in a form of "microtubulin storehouse",or 3)be preserved in remained kinetosomes.Moreover,the cortical cirri-base-associated fiber found in the past research was not marked in this experiment,which implied that the fiber system does not belong to microtubule system.

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