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ZOOLOGICAL RESEARCH    2001, Vol. 22 Issue (3) : 169-173     DOI:
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Mitochondrial DNA Sequences Imply Anhui Musk Deer a Valid Species in Genus Moschus
SU Bing1,2;WANG Ying-Xiang1;WANG Qi-Shan3
1.Kunming Institute of Zoology,the Chinese Academy of Sciences ,Kunming 650223,China;2.Human Genetics Center,University of Texas, Houston,TX77030,USA;3.Department of Biology,Anhui University,Hefei 230039,China
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Abstract  Anhui musk deer [Moschus (moschiferus/berezovskii) anhuiensis] has been a taxonomic mystery since its discovery in early 80s .In this paper,with museum samples,we sequenced the complete cytochrome b gene of five Anhui musk deer.When compared with other species in Genus Moschus,Anhui musk deer showed a rather level of sequence divergence from all the other species in t his genus.The phylogenetic trees constructed by multiple methods supported the same topology,in which the monophyly of Anhui musk deer was clearly demonstrated.Therefore,our molecular data suggest a full species status for Anhui musk deer (Moschus anhuiensis),rather than a subspecies of either M.moschiferus or M.berezovskii previously suggested by morphological studies.
Keywords Musk deer      Genus Moschus      Anhui musk deer      Cytochrome b gene      Molecular phylogeny     
PACS:  Q959.842,Q349[+]5  
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SU Bing,WANG Ying-Xiang,WANG Qi-Shan. Mitochondrial DNA Sequences Imply Anhui Musk Deer a Valid Species in Genus Moschus. ZOOLOGICAL RESEARCH, 2001, 22(3): 169-173.
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