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A new species of the genus Triplophysa (Cypriniformes: Nemacheilidae), Triplophysa daochengensis, from Sichuan Province, China

Yu-Yi WU1, Zhi-Yu SUN2, Yan-Shu GUO1   

  1. 1. College of Life Sciences, China West Normal University, Nanchong Sichuan 637009, China;
    2. Sichuan Academy of Forestry, Chengdu Sichuan 610081, China
  • Received:2016-02-01 Revised:2016-06-20 Online:2016-09-18 Published:2016-09-18
  • Contact: Zhi-Yu SUN, Yan-Shu GUO E-mail:594981460@qq.com;850316857@qq.com


Triplophysa daochengensis sp. nov. is described from the Daocheng River, a northern tributary of the Jinsha River in Sichuan Province, China. The new species can be distinguished from its congeners by the following characters: body smooth and scales absent; lateral line complete; caudal peduncle compressed, depth unchanging; head length equal to caudal-peduncle length; lower jaw shovel-shaped; dorsal-fin origin anterior to pelvic-fin origin and closer to the tip of the snout than to the caudal-fin base, last unbranched ray hard; pelvic-fin tip not reaching anus; posterior chamber of gas bladder absent; intestine of spiral type with three winding coils.

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