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ZOOLOGICAL RESEARCH    2011, Vol. 32 Issue (6) : 631-640     DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1141.2011.06631
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Community composition, seasonal dynamics and interspecific correlation of waterbirds in the Qiantangjiang River estuary and Hangzhou Bay
JIANG Ke-Yi, WU Ming, SHAO Xue-Xin
Research Institute of Subtropical Forestry, CAF; Wetland Ecosystem Research Station of Hangzhou Bay, State Forestry Administration, Fuyang 311400 , China
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Waterbird surveys were conducted regularly in the Qiantangjiang River estuary and Hangzhou Bay from July 2007 to November 2011. A total of 128 species (nine orders and 18 families) were recorded, including 119 migrants which accounted for 93% of the total species; eleven species were listed as National Protected Species. Inter-specific correlation analysis for 13 shorebird populations and nine duck populations recorded over time found that 21 pairs of shorebirds and 23 pairs of ducks were correlated. By looking at seasonal dynamics and migration patterns we were able to divide the migration process into six stages: (1) late July to late September was the migration peak of shorebirds, which were dominated by Limosa limosa, Calidris ruficollis and Charadrius mongolus. (2) Early October to mid-December was the migration peak of wintering migrants of shorebirds and ducks, which were the first two large groups in our study areas. (3) Late December to mid-February was the wintering period of migration waterbirds. (4) Late February to late March was the peak migration of ducks and the winter migrants of shorebirds dominated by.Calidris alpina. (5) Early April to mid-May was the migration peak of passage migrants such as, Calidris ruficollis, Calidris acuminate and Limosa limosa but the population size of shorebird winter migrants dominated by Calidris alpine was still larger than the former. (6) Late May to mid-July was the breeding season of all egrets, summer migrants of gulls and several species of shorebirds. Our surveys show that interaction among species is possibly an important determinant of community composition of shorebirds and wintering ducks during the migration season. It may be the geographical position and community composition of migrant shorebirds across Hangzhou Bay that mean during the northward migration there are far more shorebirds than during the southward migration.

Keywords migratory waterbirds      interspecific correlation      migration pattern     
PACS:  Q959.7  
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JIANG Ke-Yi,WU Ming,SHAO Xue-Xin. Community composition, seasonal dynamics and interspecific correlation of waterbirds in the Qiantangjiang River estuary and Hangzhou Bay. ZOOLOGICAL RESEARCH, 2011, 32(6): 631-640.
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