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A new loach, Oreonectes luochengensis sp. nov. (Cypriniformes: Balitoridae) from Guangxi, China

YANG Jian 1 , WU Tie-Jun 2 , WEI Ri-Feng 3 , YANG Jun-Xing 4 , *   

  1. 1. School of Chemistry and Life Sciences, Guangxi Teachers Education University, Nanning 530001, China; 2. Guangxi Institute of Fisheries, Nanning 530021, China; 3. Du’an Fishery Technique Popularization Station, Du’an 530700, China; 4. Kunming Institute of Zoology, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Kunming 650223, China
  • Received:2010-11-22 Revised:2011-01-26 Online:2011-04-22 Published:2011-04-22
  • Contact: YANG Jun-Xing E-mail:yangjx@mail.kiz.ac.cn
  • About author:YANG Jian


A cave-dwelling loach, Oreonectes luochengensis sp. nov. has been described based on collections from a cave in Tianhe town, Luocheng, Guangxi, China in September 2008. It can be distinguished from all known Oreonectes species by the following combination of characters: dorsal-fin rays 3, 7; anal-fin rays 2, 5; pectoral-fin rays 1, 11−12; pelvic-fin rays 1, 7 and 14−16 branched caudal-fin rays; head compressed; eyes present; surface of lower lip covered with shallow longitudinal groove; dorsal-fin origin posterior to vertical line of pelvic-fin origin; caudal peduncle without caudal-adipose keels; edge of caudal fin truncation; tiny scales present under skin; no cephalic lateral-line system; body pink in living status, without pigments in adult, after fixed in formalin, body yellowish, non-transparent, no markings on body side.

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