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ZOOLOGICAL RESEARCH    1993, Vol. 14 Issue (3) : 241-245     DOI:
研究论文 |
The Development,Reproduction and Spatial Distribution of Lesser Green Leafhopper (Empoasca flavescens) on Different Tea Cultivars
ZHU Jian-guo1;KUANG Rong-ping1;HU Ke-ming2;TAO Tao2;ZHU Qi-zhong3
1.Kunming Institute of Zoology,Academia Sinica 650223 2.Kunming Institute of Ecology,Academia Sinica 3.Tea Company of Simao County,Yunnan Province
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Abstract  Studies showed great differences in development,survival rate,natural population level,natural egg density of the lesser green leafhopper (Empoasca flavescens Fabricius.) reared on different tea (Camellia sinensis) cultivars (YK10,YK14,CYBH,RF).These results revealed that there were differences of resistance to the lesser green leafhopper among the four cultivars.In our study the tea cultivar EF has the strongest resistance to lesser green leafhopper,the YK10 has the lowest resistance.All the spatial distributions of the Empoasca flavescens over the four different tea cultivars belongs to Poissons Distribution.The results of the different tea cultivars resistance to Camellia sinensiscan could be used in practice.
Keywords Empoasca flavescens      Biological traits      Spatial distribution      Cultivars resistace     
PACS:  S435.711  
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ZHU Jian-guo,KUANG Rong-ping,HU Ke-ming,TAO Tao,ZHU Qi-zhong. The Development,Reproduction and Spatial Distribution of Lesser Green Leafhopper (Empoasca flavescens) on Different Tea Cultivars. ZOOLOGICAL RESEARCH, 1993, 14(3): 241-245.
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