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ZOOLOGICAL RESEARCH    1989, Vol. 10 Issue (zk) : 61-67     DOI:
研究论文 |
The Studies on Ecology in Hylobates leucogenys
HU Yu XU Hong-wei;YANG De-hua
Joint Laboratory of Primatology,KIZ & YNLPC
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Abstract  The ecological characteristics of Hylobates leucogenys distributed only in the Nature Sancturay of Meng La,Yunnan Province (21°08′-22°00′N;101°15′101°50′E).Were investigated from 1983 to 1988.The total number of gibbons were less 40.The most individual number of group was 5 while least one was 2.The habitate of the gibbon situate at the altitude 700-1,000 M.This gibbon feeds chiefly on plants that occurred 90.6% of the total food specimens,and eat also small animals that occurred 9.4% of the whole food specimens.The time of feeding peak was at 8:00-10:00 a.m.The fruites were the most preference food of the gibbon following by leaves,buds,flowers and animals.The gibbons spend 38.62%,35.52%,17.29%,4.67% and 3.89% of daily feeding time on those food categories respectively.Daily activity time was about 9.5 hours.Feeding,travel and rest time occur 41.2%,13.1% and 45.7% of daily activity time respectively.Daily range was 1305 M.(1024-1586).
Keywords Hylobates leucogenys      Population structure      Feeding      Daily activity     
PACS:  Q959.848  
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HU Yu XU Hong-wei,YANG De-hua. The Studies on Ecology in Hylobates leucogenys. ZOOLOGICAL RESEARCH, 1989, 10(zk): 61-67.
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